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» 2006 » Июль » 13 » Каменные сосуды
Каменные сосуды
On to the stone vessels that have been largely swept under the proverbial carpet. I can almost guarantee that your city’s museum has at least one example of these, as they’re just so common – ours does. However, they will simply be passed off as “Stone vessel”, with never so much more as a glance given to it. Granted, at first sighting, they do look unremarkable compared to all the glitter and gold that Egypt has to offer, but when you sit down and think about it, these contain a greater mystery than any of Tutankhamun’s treasures. Consider this: these stone vases date back well into the Pre-Dynastic times, some 5-6000 odd years ago, and were of stunning quality even back then. Many have long and superbly thin necks, while flaring out to have pot-belly bodies. Most of them are fully hollowed out, including the shoulders, and keep a consistent width from top to bottom. Examples have been found in diorite, basalt, quartz (similar difficulty and danger of shattering as mentioned in the Crystal Skulls post), and metamorphic schist. They are in such profusion that upward of 30 000 were found associated with the step pyramid of Djoser, a 3rd Dynasty Pharaoh.
не 30 а даже 40 тысяч. Если у них действительно и ручки полые - дрели отдыхают!..
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